fullrange speaker basic

Impedance Z 8      Ohm Piston Area SD 230  cm²
Impedance 10 kHz Z 9      Ohm Mech. Resistance Rms 0.39 kg/s
DC resistance RDC 6.5   Ohm Voice Coil Diam. d 25    mm
Voice Coil Inductance LCV 10    mH Voice Coil Height H 11    mm
Resonance Frequency fs 51.5 Hz Air Gap Height HE 8      mm
Moving Mass MMD 10.6 g Flux Density B 1.2   T
Suspension Compl. CMS 0.9   mm/N Force Factor BL 7.8   mT
VAS VAS 69.4 L Efficiency So 2.58 %
QMS QMS 7.2 Sensitivity SPL 95.2 dB
QES QES 0.37 Power Handling P 50    W
QTS QTS 0.35 Weight m 1.7   kg
nearly linear low Distortion
detailed data-sheet as PDF
The price is euro 620.- per chassis, incl. goods and services tax, premium packaging.
Impedance, maple/walnut plug at buyer's option. For repairing the oscillating system we're charging euro 110.
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