full-range driver

Full Range Drivers / widebanders are always an aim for the "designer". The difficulty in constructing them is that many components need to be balanced to each other. At the beginning of the development of “enviee”, the dynamic fullrange driver, researches about the modal analyses of cellulosecone and papercone were done. These researches were neglected, since the launching of plastic- and metalcones. However, the development required several years, although there was no economical reason or pressure to do it. The individual parts were handpicked and developed only for the enviee speaker, to guarantee a high standard of quality.

The chassis-basket needs to be mechanical robust, to support the geometry of the membrane and to follow the dimensions of the oscillating system. The most important point is, the need to be sonic permeable.

The magnet has its own importance for the full-range driver. Induction in the gap needs to be efficient and linear across the poles. A Anti-EMK is prevented, the modulation-field is hot-wired. The out of alloy casted magnet - AlNiCo, adds his own sonic quality to the speaker, without hardness.

The oscillating system has a central relevance in the sound radiation. A light and stiff membrane, flexible crimp and accurate, linear centering module is a pre-condition. The crimp was mechanical stabilized through a special spider.