fullrange driver widebander with whizzer cone

enviee - the audiophile fullrange driver, a widebander, broadband / wideband loudspeaker or sound converter

A full-range speaker should cover the whole frequency range. It's a one-way system without crossover network. Enviee - the high-end widebander is Made in Germany, dimensions 8 inch or 210 mm. This full range speaker connects a modern chassis-basket with a casted AlNiCo-magnet. The components of the oscillating system, the light papermembran / cellulosemembran and dielectric coil-carrier are perfectly balanced to each other (further more under concept). Our result can be seen under meassurements, the frequency response is with 96 dB efficiency nearly linear, distortions 2. and 3. harmonics stay inaudible.

In a bass-reflex cabinet (bass reflex speaker, optimally as little shelf speaker) or hornconstruction „enviee - the fullrange driver“ in cause of his data, is capable for a impressive bass. Specific qualities are beside the design primarily the dynamic range and dimensionality. Because of this, enviee is used in professional studios as monitor.
Tutorials for selfmade-projects / Diy-projects can be found under the menu item projects. The characteristics are summed up in a data-sheet.
DIY interested parties can choose our 8 inch full range speaker between in a 8, 16 or 32 Ohm version without additional charges! The oscillating system (new membran, spider and voice coil) is repaired low-priced!